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Nuclear Expert Warns Of Danger To Entire Human Race

Nuclear Expert Warns Of Danger To Entire Human Race

As far as the cooling of earth is concerned, surely, it’s possible to do it from a technical point of view. But they will need a nitrogen unit, practically, a plant working non-stop. It’s bad the Japanese won’t let any foreign experts visit the station. And there were offers of help, not only from Russia but from many other countries too [...] Even if the soil around the nuclear power plant is totally frozen, this won’t fully eliminate the danger [...] I believe that the liquidation of the Fukushima accident’s consequences might have been much better organized if the works were managed not by the company that operates the Fukushima plant but by the Japanese government. This would have made the works much more effective – and much cheaper. [...] The Japanese are behaving rather strangely [...] First, for some reason, they do not hurry to clean up the consequences of the catastrophe until the situation becomes very critical for the entire humankind. Then, they start to do something, but, again for some unknown reason, they invent very complicated decisions, although they might have invented foreign specialists who would have helped them to build waste treatment facilities a long time ago. This would have been much cheaper and much more effective.” Read More »

Alaska Refuses To Test Fish For Radiation – Uses ‘Banana’ Excuse (BS)

Alaska Refuses To Test Fish For Rad - Uses 'Banana' Excuse (BS)

The Department of Environmental Conservation isn’t actively testing fish for radiation, Commissioner Larry Hartig told the Senate [...] Hartig said the state is relying on data and analyses from other coastal states, British Columbia and federal agencies [...] Still, Sen. Cathy Giessel, R-Anchorage, said her constituents have come to her with concerns. Hartig said in an interview that the department tests fish regularly, just not for radiation. [...] Hartig said it would be too expensive for the state to undertake a testing program that would be “statistically valid.” [...] he’s concerned that people are being misinformed [...] Read More »

California schools to begin monitoring for Fukushima radiation ‘arriving this year’

California schools to begin monitoring for Fukushima radiation 'arriving this year'

Two prominent academic and research institutions in California are joining forces to conduct an in-depth study into how radiation from the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility is affecting California's pristine kelp forests. According to a recent announcement by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the project will involve monitoring radioactive contaminants set to arrive later this year from Fukushima, further proof of the plant's continued release of radioactive materials. Read More »

Whales Dying En Masse: Signs We’re Next

Whales Dying En Masse Signs We’re Next

Susan Duclos Videographer David Vose points out that whales are dying en masse, in another example of strange animal and sea life behavior. Recently we have seen birds falling out of the sky dead, Bald Eagles dying in Utah, starfish turning to goo, multiple species of sea life gravitating to areas in record breaking numbers and 98 percent of the ... Read More »

Santa Barbara Chef Removes ALL Pacific Seafood

Santa Barbara Chef Removes ALL Pacific Seafood

KEYT – Santa Barbara News Channel 3, Jan. 15, 2014 (h/t MissingSky101): Local Chef Takes North Pacific Seafood Off Menu; Chef Robert Perez says Fukushima disaster tainted California seafood [...] Robert Perez has been a chef for more than three decades, but it was the nuclear disaster in Japan that changed the way he cooks. [...] Even though scientists have said that the radiation in the ocean is now low, Perez isn’t buying it. [...] all seafood from the San Diego border to Alaska [are off the menu at Seagrass] [...] Scientist think avoiding the seafood is overboard and have said the levels of radiation in fish are less than what people are exposed to from x-rays. Perez said he has to be able to stand behind what he serves, even if people think it’s extreme. Read More »

Fukushima Radiation Protection A Basic Primer

Fukushima Radiation Protection A Basic Primer

With the destruction done to Japan's Fukushima Nuclear power plants from the tsunami, there has been much speculation about how much harm and what the released radiation is going to do, not only in Japan, but also on the west coast of Canada and the United States. There has been a lot of panicked reactions and wrong details out there in the social media sphere. This is what has persuaded us to carry some strong details to everyone, and to provide you some idea of how to protect yourself and your family members during a nuclear catastrophe. Read More »

Scientists Baffled by Mass Sardine Die-Sardines: All GONE, Not ONE Found Off West Coast

Scientists Baffled by Mass Sardine Die-Sardines  All GONE, Not ONE Found Off West Coast

Sardine vanish off the coast; squid and anchovy fill the void for fishermen — [Larry Derr] has pulled up [Pacific sardines] by the ton since the 1980s [...] it was a shock when he couldn’t find one of the shiny silver-blue coastal fish all summer [...] anchovies have proven a poor replacement since sardines became scarce. Fortunately, a boom in market squid has propelled Derr and other coastal pelagic fishers. [...] Some have attributed recent rashes of sea lion pup and pelican deaths to the sardine population decline, which began a few years ago and was officially recognized in December [...] “Everybody’s calling me every day for sardines,” Derr said. “They’re all gone. Even Monterey Bay Aquarium is still waiting for some to restock one of their exhibits.” [...] Read More »

Fukushima Fish Are Up To 124x Above Safe Level

Fukushima Fish Are Up To 124x Above Safe Level

Are you buying radioactive fish at the grocery store? Are you absolutely sure that you know the answer to that question? You are about to read about a analyze that discovered that a fish lately captured off the shore of the Fukushima prefecture was discovered to have 12,400 becquerels per kg of radioactive cesium. That is 124 times above the level that is regarded to be safe. But it is not just fish captured off the coast of Japan that you need to be concerned about. Here I will also discuss about a report by the National Academy of Sciences which declares unequivocally that Pacific Bluefin tuna have “transported Fukushima-derived radionuclides across the whole Northern Pacific Ocean”. As a matter of fact, if you just had a tuna sandwich for lunch you may have ingested radioactive material without even knowing it. Read More »

Will Fukushima Daiichi Kill Vast Swathes of Life in the Pacific Ocean?

Will Fukushima Daiichi Kill Vast Swathes of Life in the Pacific Ocean

The discussion defined here was recommended in a careful assemblage of Enenews headlines, particularly this one: Radiation jumps around Fukushima plant — Now ~1,000% previous levels — Tepco kept strontium-90 data secret for months — Officials knew of increase but ‘too busy’ to do anything — Gov’t holds Friday meeting about what can be done. I've created the argument precise using extra information.) The nuclear village is prepared for the propaganda war. Read More »

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