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Fukushima Study – Deaths, Mutations Up Dramatically

Fukushima Study - Deaths, Mutations Up Dramatically

Smithsonian Magazine, May 14, 2014: Even Tiny Amounts of Radioactive Food Made Caterpillars Become Abnormal Butterflies [...] Researchers in Japan [...] discovered, even a small amount of radiation is too much. [...] The scientists collected plant material from around Fukushima and fed it to pale grass blue butterfly caterpillars. When the caterpillars turned into butterflies, they suffered from mutations and were more likely to die early [... even if they] had only eaten a small amount of artificial caesium [...] In other words, things don’t look good for the animals living around Fukushima. Read More »

Mystery Marine Disease On AK Coast – Public Concern (RADIATION!)

Mystery Marine Disease On AK Coast - Public Concern (RADIATION!)

KNOM, May 14, 2014: Mysterious illness that’s been plaguing seals [first hit] the Bering Strait and the North Slope starting in the summer of 2011. Up to 300 seals were found suffering from hair loss, skin sores, and unusually lethargic behavior. Dozens of walruses were also found with similar sores [causing] marine mammal regulators to declare an Unusual Mortality Event [...] walrus have been taken off the UME [...] Seals [are still] displaying hair loss [...] University of Alaska Fairbanks have begun testing infected seal carcasses for [Fukushima] radiation [...] Results should be released in July. Read More »

‘Melting’ Sea Star Epidemic Reaches Oregon Coast

‘Melting’ Sea Star Epidemic Reaches Oregon Coast

Scientists announced the discovery of “melting” sea stars off the coast of Oregon this week, the state’s first known sighting of the mysterious condition that began appearing throughout West Coast waters last year. According to Jim Burke, Oregon Coast Aquarium’s director of animal husbandry and dive operations, several species of sea star in Yaquina Bay were recently found in the advanced wasting stage. Read More »

Video: Very Few Birds Left Around Fukushima

Video Very Few Birds Left Around Fukushima

Dr. Timothy Mousseau, a Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of South Carolina [...] shares with us the results of his research at Chernobyl and Fukushima, which shows significant increases in genetic damage, birth defects in animals and humans, increased tumor rates and developmental abnormalities, biodiversity in decline, local extinction of some species and transmission of mutations over generations. [...] Dr. Mousseau’s research is critical and alarming [...] Read More »

Marine Life Sickness, Die-Off On CA Coast Blamed On ‘Algae’

Marine Life Sickness, Die-Off On CA Coast Blamed On 'Algae'

State health warnings over shellfish, anchovies and sardines are highlighting a marine mystery [...] what’s behind a toxic outbreak threatening marine life? [...] Researchers in the relatively new area of study say the problem is the worst they have ever seen. [Though the] toxin likely has always been part of the ecosystem, the threat appears to be growing. [...] results of late are the highest ever [...] sea lions affected by domoic acid show a severely shrunken hippocampus [and] lesions on the hearts and brains [...] the mystery behind why and when it happens remains largely unsolved [...] Read More »

This ‘covert nuclear war’ on humanity

This ‘covert nuclear war’ on humanity

Three incidents this year at the Carlsbad, New Mexico nuclear Waste Isolation Plant resulted from “a number of serious safety concerns” that led to a fire and radiation leaks, contaminating workers and close by citizens, the NRC reported to the LA Times. Read More »

NYT Reporter – Japan Doesn’t Want Us Talking About Radiation

NYT Reporter - Japan Doesn't Want Us Talking About Radiation

Martin Fackler of the New York Times Pulitzer-Prize nominated reporting team: Yeah… it’s so difficult in Japan to discuss the radiation problem, like how bad is it really… There is a feeling that if you even discuss these problems, you are hurting the poor people of Fuksuhima. Therefore, we should not discuss it. That is just not right… The people who do not want us to discuss it are the govt, because they do not want to pay compensation… I experience like there is a lot going on in Fukushima that just does not get discussed in the local media, not actually for govt cover-up kind of problems, but self constraint or self censorship. Even documents that are fairly powerful in their reporting on Tepco in some methods, like the Tokyo Shimbun, will not discuss these problems because they are scared that somehow its unpatriotic to discuss radiation. There happens to be lot of concerns and problems that are not being discussed, and I think they should be discussed and if there is damage to the people of Fukushima that’s the responsibility of Tepco… Read More »

Leaking Tanks Pour Radiation In Fukushima Groundwater

Leaking Tanks Pour Radiation In Fukushima Groundwater

This was bound to happen and TEPCO had to have known this at the time they forced for authorization to use the groundwater water wells. The big radioactive water leak at the H4 tank farm where extremely radioactive sludge leaked out of the tank enclosure, contaminated the soil and groundwater and gradually made way to the sea is affecting the nearby groundwater bypass. Read More »

A Possible Cure for Ebola Virus Infection?

A Possible Cure for Ebola Virus Infection

Ebola is one of the scariest viruses on Earth. Along with Marburg and a few other lesser known viruses, it is a member of the Filoviridae family, a nasty group of microbes that causes hemorrhagic fever. Like most viral diseases, patients with hemorrhagic fever will first present with flu-like symptoms. As the disease progresses, patients often bleed from their body orifices, such as their eyes and ears. Death, however, does not result from blood loss, but from shock or organ failure. Read More »

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