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eBay and PayPal UK website hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

eBay and PayPal UK website hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

A pro-hacker group, aligned with president Bashar al-Assad, very well known as Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) has again gained the media attention by adding the popular sites, i.e. eBay UK and PayPal UK to its victim list. After targeting websites of various media agencies, government organizations and big enterprises, including the latest defaced CNN and Microsoft, today they targeted and defaced the official websites of UK’s Ebay ( and PayPal ( Read More »

Pakistan Makes Entrance Into Global Drone Arms Race

Pakistan Makes Entrance Into Global Drone Arms Race

It has been predicted that the development of drone surveillance by the U.S. would spark a global race to develop new drone capabilities, leading to a potentially dystopian future of drone wars where combat and even assassinations can be performed by fleets of insect-like microbots. The Washington Post reported in July, 2011: Read More »

Forgotten Victories In the Global Wars Against us All

Forgotten Victories

Last night I watched “Charlie Wilson’s War”. The film was based on a true story about how the Afghan’s acquired Stinger Missiles to end the USSR’s invasion of that country: That fact sent my memory-banks back to 1959-60 and what routinely happened on American military-bases in French Morocco, and elsewhere. American’s had their own version of this throughout WWII, that enabled virtually anything to be acquired—despite the blood-bath being waged on both sides of the world. Whether it was premium booze, critically needed morphine or any of thousands of “protected-items”: If you asked the right people you could get almost anything, if the price was right. Read More »

The Myth of the Good War: America in World War II

The Myth of the Good War America in World War II

In the night of February 13-14, 1945, the ancient and beautiful capital of Saxony, Dresden, was attacked three times, twice by the RAF and once by the USAAF, the United States Army Air Force, in an operation involving well over 1,000 bombers. The consequences were catastrophic, as the historical city centre was incinerated and between 25,000 and 40,000 people lost their lives.[1] Read More »

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