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5 Prepping Mistakes to Avoid



One of the biggest obstacles Preppers may face is their dependency on technology, gear and equipment. The objective for any Prepper should be to survive for an extended period with limited to no technology at all and limited gear and equipment.

Technology can save lives but you cannot depend on it during a crisis. Technology needs power sources, maintenance and a skilled person to operate/use the equipment.

5 Prepping Mistakes to Avoid

The problem for some is that they want to live as well during the crisis as they did before so they begin to gather the gear and equipment to try to make it happen. Survival is gritty and hard work and you will be either too hot or too cold most of the time. Survival requires attention to detail, and some of the details may not mean much until confronted with a catastrophe and then it may be too late.

A long-term crisis can have psychological effects on people as well. Attitudes change quickly and some of you will find that the gadgets you thought you needed will be so much clutter underfoot during a catastrophe.

Surviving long-term is not just about replacing an electrical toaster you plug into the wall with a solar powered one that can be used in the back of your pickup. Prepping and survival is about meeting the immediate needs of you and your family until you can develop alternatives if the crisis is an extended one. Regardless of the situation, your priorities will always be a secure shelter, water, energy and nutrition.

You cannot go from dependency on your local municipality for all of your electrical, water and gas needs to total dependency on your gear and other equipment during a crisis. This is not to say however, you do not need gear, tools and other materials during a crisis. You need to rely on your knowledge and skill as well.

There are no “magic bullets”. Do not get “gear or gadget obsessed” to the point you could not survive without certain things. Survival comes down to common sense, training, certain skill sets and knowledge.

You need to ask yourself what happens if my gear is stolen or damaged or otherwise fails to function.

Survival is not only about having knowledge but can you put that knowledge into practical use.


One mistake that can be made is not having enough water stockpiled because you assumed you could gather water from a nearby lake, stream or river. You need an ample supply and then a reliable and renewable source for long-term, that does not include so-called public water sources. Without water, there is nothing else and life will cease, despite all the gear, guns and ammo.

You need a private well that you control. Assuming a lake or river nearby can be used as a water supply can have dire consequences. Everyone else will be using the same source and the local, state or even federal government can block or control any source for rationing. Public sources can become unintentionally contaminated or deliberately poisoned or criminal elements can take them over to sell the water back to local residents.


Guns and ammo in most experts’ minds are to be used during a crisis to protect what you have and that is your family and supplies. Some, let us call them inexperienced Preppers, may assume if they have a firearm then they can take what they need from others.

What you see in movies about the apocalypse, zombies and the government is just imagination. Very little of what is depicted is based on reality, because no one has lived through a so-called end of the world disaster nor has anyone fought zombies.

This brings up another mistake some people may make and that is assuming threats during a crisis will come from strangers and even from the government. In reality, the biggest threat aside from the crisis itself is people just like you, except they had not prepared so they are desperate.

Parents with sick and hungry children will do anything to provide for their children and violence is by no means out of the questions for desperate parents. Friend’s neighbors and strangers will turn violent if the crisis is an extended one. You know when a stranger is lurking around it may mean danger, but seeing a neighbor walking up to the door may not raise any concerns until they demand what you have at gunpoint. People you know will react differently during a crisis and you have no idea how they will react until it is too late.

Unbelievably some people are convinced that once disaster strikes rules and laws go out the window. This is where common sense comes in. In most cases the ones with anything worth taking will be Preppers and they will be armed so assuming just because you have a firearm means you will have what you need is just folly and dangerous thinking. Preppers will not just give up their supplies because someone comes knocking.

The point is that weaponry is not a crutch and it is not the cure-all. Do not obsess over your firearms to the point that you begin to believe that is all you need. Firearms are just one piece of equipment or even call them tools used for survival.


One mistake made is stockpiling foods no one likes just because it was on sale or has a longer shelf life. Chopped and canned spinach may be on sale but it is not much of a bargain when it comes to sitting down to a hot meal.

Food must be carefully planned for and it has to be foods you and everyone one else likes. It must meet the daily nutrition requirements so you need proteins, fruits and vegetables. Beef jerky and Slim Jims may be fine for a couple of days but for long-term you need nutritious foods and it must be what you and your family would consider normal food for real meals.

A crisis can be an adventure for the first several days in some peoples mind but after that, it becomes serious and only those that have seriously prepared will survive.


People tend to assume that damage only happens to other people’s homes during a crisis and simply do not prepare for it. If you cannot leave your home and it is damaged you must have the means to make emergency repairs. You may not be able to jump in the car to go looking for the nearest motel and there is no one to call to come make repairs, it is all up to you. You need to shelter in place and it must be a secure and safe place.

Shelter in place, you hear that a lot when talking about survival and the reason you hear the term a lot is because it is important. Shelter is as important as water, food and protection. Without shelter and a place to store supplies your chances of surviving are low. You should have emergency repairs in mind when prepping. Consider plywood sheeting, plastic, and tarps along with nails, hammers, brooms, shovels and so forth.

You may need to fortify your home during s crisis and this means covering all glass openings and hardening some entrances against intrusion.


For most, Prepping means being ready for anything, any type of situation whether it is manmade or natural. Preparing for just one type of disaster or obsessing over gear and gadgets may mean you are not prepared for everything. Stick to the basics and you will always be ready.

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