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MSM Ignores Models Showing Radiation Hitting West Coast

The Province, Jan. 23, 2014: Without actual things to worry about, too many people these days are making up or exaggerating risks. Our recent story on the Fukushima Disaster is a good example. That was a terrible event, but what illness of the mind must people have to lie about the threat to B.C., even going so far as the misrepresent a wave-height map of the Pacific to pretend it shows that dangerous radiation is flowing to our shores?

MSM Ignores Models Showing Radiation Hitting West Coast

Discredited tsunami wave-height map. See below for credible models that forecast the spread of Fukushima radiation across the Pacific Ocean.

The Province, Jan. 20, 2014: This map, supposedly showing radiation spreading across the ocean from Japan, was one of the most widespread pieces of Fukushima (mis) information — it was also one of the easiest myths to debunk. […] [NOAA] spokeswoman Keeley Belva confirmed the map doesn’t show the spread of radiation. According to their website: “This image was created by NOAA’s Center for Tsunami Research and graphically shows maximum wave heights of the tsunami generated by the Japan earthquake […] The map has become “an oceanographer’s in-joke,” according to Robin Brown, manager of ocean sciences for Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Two months ago, Brown gave a seminar to 40 oceanographers and showed a slide of the infamous NOAA map with the headline, “West Coast Fried by Radiation.” The room burst out laughing, Brown said, but their chuckles were “tinged with a bit of sadness.”

In reality, the Fukushima radiation forecast models published by scientific journals, governments, and universities show a more troubling situation for the West Coast than the discredited tsunami wave-height map. The tsunami map shows the impact being distributed throughout the entire pacific, with South America getting the worst of it. The actual Fukushima radiation transport models show the contamination heading due east, directly to North America’s west coast. Here are a some examples (note that none of these models take into account the ongoing releases from Fukushima of hundreds of tons of contaminated water every day):


And Finally, Another Projection To Consider….

Models Of Radioactive Pacific Ocean Water From Fukushima About To Hit The West Coast

Impact strength of Cs-137 in year 4 (Han G J, et al. 2013)

Model produced by governments of Korea and China

Top: 200 meters; Bottom: 50 meters, variable depth (Z. Lai et al.)

Model produced by governments of Korea and China

Subsurface concentration of Cs-137 (Bq/m3) at 150–250m (Rossi et al 2013)

Below Is The AIRBORNE Radiation Model Showing
How The US And Canada Were Completely Covered With Radioactivity At
Varying Concentrations Within Days Of The Fukushima Disaster

This is NOT a radiation spreading model….it is a model of the TSUNAMI wave heights.
Many have pushed it as showing radiation in the Pacific. It does not.

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